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There is a saying 'watching the clouds go by'...I've always imagined lying on a bed of grass, probably at a 45 degree angle hill. chewing freshly pulled weed (no, not that kind...back, mind, return back!). The winds are strong and cooling 2day. It must be raining somewhere and the wind just picked up its coolness and dampness. So, winds pick up what they pass thru huh, just like us. Was just thinking about the 18yr old girl who jumped of her condo building. Her mum said she accidentally fell off, but the cousin said her mum abused her mentally for many2 yrs. Her dad has a new wife and son in the UK, she is the eldest of 4 kids, taken custody by her mum in KL. Smart kid with good grades. Her mum must've hated her, and I reckon its bcoz she is reminded of her ex husband. Eldest daughters have a tendency to look or act like their dads, as eldest sons have tendencies to look/act like their mum. R.I.P. to the poor girl, wished she had taken another way out, like leave her house and make a living somehow. The 'me' 20yrs ago did.

The clouds are moving again. Come to think of it, it doesn't really stop. We just think it do. Our minds doesn't really stop either. We just divert from one thing to another till we don't know what is important anymore.

Well, back to hitting the books. This entry has no meaning whatsoever. Just a record of an exceptionally blustery windy day (I hv diverted to Winnie the Pooh and his red balloon now). じゃね。後3日だよ!


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