Mar. 15th, 2011


Mar. 15th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Atashi no jinsei wa, dou?? What the hell do I plan to do with my life? 2day I'm juz supposed to re-write my N3 notes.. but I only managed ONE page... and its 8pm now. And I wanted to design malaysia no arashi's charity t-shirt, tho I hv ideas but no idea where to start. Wanted to much to NOT sleep 2nite but wondering if I can survive Loo sensei's cls 2moro nite (kowaii)! Supposed to NOT eat so much too, but am craving for sushi now and I juz had japanese food in the afternoon. To say that I hv lots on my mind, that is not true too... I hv bought stationaries, done my chores, bought bday dress, bought bday present for self (a dolphin pillow/soft toy albeit nameless rite now); the only things left this week is to pay Telekom bill, get back my Kame pendant from the jeweler, get back my dry cleaning. That's it. So this wk juz gotta study. Read and absorb. And that oso I can't do. What abt all the things I wanna do? Calligraphy? Memorize dance steps? Write songs? B very flexible from yoga? B very very good in translation? When can I do them? This pic is how I feel now... lonely, lost...


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