Feb. 27th, 2011


Feb. 27th, 2011 11:48 am
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Ohayou (yes I know its 1130)... dah bgn since 8am and dah breakfast ngan lunch dah... went for Ajinomoto's cooking cls yesterday. Oishikattan desu! Ureshii! Made lamb curry, veggies, yam abascus (mochi la tu) ngan tgk je sensei wat cendol sb tak ckp time.... but time free lunch tu ade dessert cendol yg sensei wat lah... free cls! Will go again next mth!

Made appointment for Loo sensei raishuu no nichi-youbi gogo 3ji. Must remember to go for it!

Watched DVD the whole half day after cls yesterday... demo b4 cls went date-o wif husbd who likes the food we cooked (mou ichido arigatou Barbara-san to Lydia-san yg masak semlm). Date-o pun lunch je, order nasi ayam and makan with the food yg pack from cooking cls. Anyways, back to my DVD... ade new player (yg wif screen and portable, sukunai je tp sound system damn bergegar), and I watch till asa 1ji han! Mostly bangumi wif Kindaichi and Gokusen and Kurosagi.

Ok, enuff... nak benkyou. Yes, Jun dtg lg mimpi ngan rambut Domyouji (yuck). Gi tgk die rehersal. Somehow ade Shun yg chain smoking wif his left hand non-stop. Muka die masam je, not muka Ryui Hanadan, even scarier Genji Crows Zero or Sano Hanakimi. Masam yg his true self, the dun-come-near-me muka. Agaknyer marah I still tak bli Fullmetal alchemist nyer series ori kot? Or jeles I drool Ridaa nyer kaki sotong??


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